Conversation with a man

Conversation with a man.

I had a conversation with a man the other day who was expressing to me why his last relationship didn’t work out.

I was completely taken aback by his request(s) of his partner, and….

Him: “You know why my last relationship didn’t work out? It didn’t work out because she didn’t do the one thing I wanted her to do. All I wanted her to do was to wear a tank top and no underwear or pants every night when I came home from work.”

Me: “WT everlasting fuck. Are you serious?”

Him: “Yes, if she wanted to keep my attention and to keep me interested…AND to keep me from having an affair, all she had to do was that ONE thing. Is that too much to ask?….it’s called compromise…”

Me: “Wow. WOW. Are you serious? First, a woman is not responsible for your choice to cheat or not; you are. Second, if that’s what keeps you interested in her, perhaps you don’t value her at all as a person — only as an object that you want to objectify daily. Third, she has every right to say no the that demeaning request. And last, that’s not a compromise.”

Him: “See, what you don’t understand is that most men look elsewhere cause their women don’t do what they like. You know…sit on the couch with pj pants and no bra and no shirt, wear different negliges every day, walk around with no panties, etc…IF women did these things when their man asked them to, there would be no affairs by males”.

Me: “Wow. Wow. That’s utter bullshit. If that is truly your reality, I would never want to be a part of it. Your significant others don’t have to do what you say. They’re not your hired help. They should only do what they feel is comfortable for and to them, and what feels right for them. Period. End of story. If you think your lists of scantily clad requests will keep you faithful — it won’t. But, I’m sure you will be quick to blame your significant other if she doesn’t adhere to your demeaning requests. Personally, I know there are men who don’t think like that or request their mates to do what you request. Second, I am fine with being single for my entire life if that means never having to be in a situation with a man who thinks like you. Women are human beings who have brains, feelings, goals, values. They do not exist for your sole animalistic, lack of respect, and lack of self control self. I won’t discuss this anymore. It’s ludicrous and insulting.”

Him: “You’ll be a single cat lady forever”.

Me: “I don’t have cats, but I’d rather have 10 cats, and allergies that were miserable than be with someone who thought so lowly of women.”

Him: “You don’t get men”.

Me: “Newsflash, I don’t exist to get men”.

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