Narcissistic parents

When your parents never see the good. 

They only make you feel beholden to them. 
They want you to love them the most, to Put them on a pedestal, do what they say….or else

If you don’t constantly thank them and put them on a pedestal, they will berate you, say you’re not a loving or grateful child. 
You should have done this…you aren’t this…you aren’t that…you’re never enough. 

It is your job—-child—-to make me happy, to make me feel important, to not question me, and to constantly feed my ego and self worth. 

All the while, you (the child) put yourself thru college, you’ve never done drugs, you’ve learned from your mistakes, you’ve made mistakes, you’ve had many successes…..yet…:it’s never enough. You are never enough. You don’t “feed” your parent’s self image enough. That is your job —-FOREVER!! You didn’t choose a career that was lucrative enough. You didn’t…:you don’t support me enough….you don’t make me look good enough to my friends…

I can’t. I can’t anymore. I’m wilted. Like a flower. Instead of wanting me to grow, you want to penalize me for…everything, even my existencebecause I can’t be everything to you. The thing is, I shouldn’t have to. No one should.

I can’t do it anymore.

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