To hear men speak of a woman’s worth makes me sick. So many are grand pricks.

“You must find a calm ‘one’”.

One who will cook for you, put you first, after all it’s all about the man first.

Marriage is hard. The wife wants you to give her your time. All men want is for you to be fine.

Be fine, FINE, be calm, cook, and get your head out of a book.

Service me! Me, you lowly woman!

I can raise my voice. But you must be—calm, calm, like a lady should be. The only acceptable emotion for you, my lady, is to sit there are not show any “crazy”.

Yes, crazy. Crazy means disrupting a man’s peace, no matter what grease he slugs in your life.

A woman goes downhill after age twenty five. Twenty five. That’s hard on those men.

Really, all men want to do is sit and ogle, fondle, masturbate, fuck, and fantasize….

I had a man tell me the highlight of his days were going to Target. He couldn’t wait to stare at all the skin that would be bared.

And even better, he does not discriminate! Nope, no hate. Age five thru twenty five is quite swell. Fresh, young legs, tits, even clits. You can sometimes see those too, he said, and that doesn’t even make him red.

No shame. No shame.

Why, why do women feel uncomfortable all the time? I can’t give ONE damn reason why.

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