I feel you

Your caress

Exhibits the utmost finesse

Your gentle intensity

Respects with the most in tune sensitivity

Your love is the most giving

I had no idea how giving it was until life moved on and experience showed me that you were not the norm

As I reflect, I will not neglect the time that you gave

Your presence was an essence

Such a gift

Your time, your ears, your love

Move me, to this day

Your stopping of the clock

So that the ticking didn’t awake my lot

Your affection given, but your lusts never ever forced on me

The respect, the time, the patience, the love, the contradictions of your behavior with others all are you……………

You are hues of many colors

All of which I miss while imagine a bliss

That might not even exist

Yet I still connect to the energy that is you

Do you to me?

This is what I really yearn to know.

Have you blacklisted me to the point of no pulse, or do you feel the life that is divulged?

Tell me. Tell me. Do you feel it, do you accept it? Do you ignore it? Do you squelch it?

I feel it……….

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