a slight stream of consciousness

One of My best friends is a Muslim Indian whose parents are immigrants. Her parents worked incredibly hard to give the best lives to their children. My friend and her brother grew up with little material things, but always had love, education, food, and were taught good ethics.

Now, to be fair, both of my parents are white, and they are extremely hard workers. My Mother and my Grandmother taught us ethics and morals.

But, I look at some white people. Some don’t work very hard. Instead of working to support their children, some work few hours a day, collect food stamps and free lunches, yet——they take trips, they buy what they want when they want.  Many don’t think about the well being of their children’s futures.

So many white people come from a place where their parents coddle, enable, and teach them very few values or ethics. They are self centered, obsessed with status, superficiality, materialism,what others think, as well as instant gratification.

I am struggling because sometimes I have to be in the company of those who are the epitome of everything I disdain in humans. Materialism, superiority complexes, elitism, superficiality, being two faced, and being dismissive of others.

Who crowned them holier than thou? Who said they are more important than everyone else in the world? I would never in a million years choose to be friends or acquaintances with some of the people with whom, at times, I have to surround myself. C’est la vie, correct? Don’t cry for me Argentina. Deal with it. I will, don’t worry. Ha!

Though, I will not compromise who I am as a person. I will not allow toxicity and lack of empathy to trickle in my blood. I will have to be civil, of course. I will be kind, but I won’t like being in the presence of people who think their existences are the only ones who matter.

It is not my job to like everyone. It is not my job to allow people to treat me poorly just to “get along”. It is not my job to make others comfortable. I will, however, do my very best to treat others with common courtesy, while remaining steadfastly true to what I believe and how I believe others should be treated.

I did say this was a stream of consciousness.

Lately, I just find it interesting how so many are more worried about the appearances of something, rather than its reality, or its truth.

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