Texas Good Ole Boy

There are so many ways….

To try to put you in your place.

Stay, stay..……………I’ll not lead you too astray.

Do as you’re told.  You belong to me.

You will never be free.

Your sole purpose is to provide me with visual and imaginary pleasure.

Don’t you know.

You have no value, none…except to bring pleasure to me.

You don’t matter.  I’ll put you on a platter.

I don’t care what you say, how you feel, or what you believe.

Do you really even exist?

Certainly not.  Just so you know……….

I will “outgrow” you

You will grow old and wrinkly, then you will be unseen

I won’t be of need …………..of you

You will then turn blue

Sapped of any dew

Dead to me

On to the next

To whom can I vex next?

Who is the next dress that I can make uncomfortable with my impenetrable gaze?

To whom can I bless with my unwanted caress?

Don’t you know, that YOU are so lucky to feel my grope, without any hope of breaking free?

How dare you not appreciate me?

After all, it is I………..I, who matter at all

Y ‘all

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