Serena Williams is correct. It is unfair….

Everyday, I look around, and women, especially, are being punished for speaking up for what is correct, what is just, what is fair, what is ethically and morally correct.  Serena Williams was correct to call out the biased umpire at the U.S. Open.  Men can toss their rackets, curse, throw temper tantrums, and never have a game taken away from them.  It’s absurd, it’s wrong, and my heart cries and hurts something awful for her.  At every turn, she has had to deal with more bullshit than most tennis players. She, and her sister, Venus, have both had to deal with bullshit.  The fact that Serena couldn’t wear tights at the French Open this year that were specifically designed to help the blood flow in her legs is ludicrous.  You’re trying to tell me that the tennis skirts, that barely cover the women’s asses are more appropriate?  Bullshit.  Why on earth do so many waste so much time on meaningless bullshit?  It’s like the dress codes in Texas high schools.  So, apparently the girls are mandated to have shorts that go no higher than an inch above their knees………………yet the cheerleaders can wear, and prance around in skirts where their hoochies are practically showing?  Where is the logic people?  This doesn’t make sense. It’s a double standard.  Hello??  Hello??? Anyone there?

Look at the MSU and USAG gymnasts that are basically screaming at the tops of their lungs about the abuses they have had to endure:  mental, physical, sexual, and verbal.   They have had to go thru hell..hell, and still are, to make sure someone enforces ethics.  WTF????  Thank you Rachael Denhollander, Dominique Moceanu, Jamie Dantzscher, and the hundreds of other women who got the ball rolling for justice, and who haven’t given up. For crying out loud, women and men, both, are victim shaming the gymnasts, and treating the gymnasts as if it is they who have disrupted the abusers’ “peace” and have caused harm, because the gymnasts have demanded ethical treatment and behaviors.  Why, why, do, especially women, have to YELL–to fight tooth and nail to be heard?  Even when women do fight to be heard, they are silenced, shamed, mocked, punished, and harmed. Serena was punished—for no other reason, than because she spoke up and challenged the ego of the minion umpire.  The umpire reacted childishly to being called out by Serena.

Serena showed grace towards her opponent, Naomi Osaka.  What an awkward position for both women to be placed in.  Naomi won her first championship.  I’m sure she was horrified by the way that Serena was treated.  Also, the chair umpire’s shitty behavior towards Serena somewhat overshadowed Naomi’s win; which also isn’t fair.  This should have been a joyous occasion for Naomi, and I think Serena agreed. Unfortunately, sexism, racism, a damaged ego, and male chauvinistic behavior was the glaring, but dark cloud that enveloped the end of the match.  In my opinion, that umpire does owe Serena and Naomi both, apologies.  He should also be put on leave.  What I have learned from this match is that it doesn’t matter how amazing you are, you will have to deal and cope with sexism, racism, and discrimination, especially if you are a woman, and even more so, if you are a black one.  America, you haven’t come as far as you so willingly love to give your self credit.  Obama was right….Trump is a symptom…..and I’m going to leave that there…marinate on it….

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