come back —In Memory 6/23

Sometimes I just don’t want to go to bed

Due to a weighing sense of dread

That if……what if?…….I wake up tomorrow

Still filled with unbearable sorrow

Is this real?

Is it not a drill?


I am left…hanging out to dry

Damn you! damn you….

Where are you?…..I am so fucking blue

I miss you.

I’m sorry.

Didn’t mean to yell,

But sometimes life feels like hell

Do you miss me, like I miss you?

Too many deaths.

That create incredible duress

I anguish

I languish

I wish I could have erased your pain

I would have housed it for you, in vain

I want to talk to you, to hear your laugh

To see your smile, at least just for a while

I miss you

You were not doomed

The gloom looms

The air tries to voice its care

But, alas, even after eleven years, I cannot fully grasp

Please….come back

come back

come b a c k

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