For you…To you…to Uplift YOU 😘

I will Forgive myself. I did the best I could with the knowledge, the outside and inside pressure that I had, and the emotional and cognitive development that I had at that time.

I am not supposed to know everything or know how to handle every situation.

I am a constant work in progress. I will stop criticizing myself. I will stop saying I should have, if only…etc. I will stop listening to negative voices in my head. I will stop listening to people who try to devalue me or who try to tear me down.

I will accept my journey and try to find peace and joy in each day.

I have to be kind to myself. Also, when I fall back in to questioning myself and to berating myself at times, I will be patient with myself and 🛑 Sadly, this destructive behavior is comfortable to me right now. For some reason, I think it’s productive and helps me. It doesn’t. My goal is for this unfair behavior is for it to become obsolete and/or extremely intermittent.

I don’t need to panic, I don’t need to berate myself and others. I need to slow down, to try to improve a little each day and allow myself to love myself and to love life. Otherwise, why are we here?

I will stop myself when I say mean things to myself. I will reframe negative thoughts, and I will be patient with myself.

I will also stop seeing the negative in every person and situation. I will try to see the good, to be understanding. After all, there’s so many explanations as to why we humans are the way we are.

I will choose to love myself like I care for and love my best friend. I will become one of my best friends—-not my worst critic.

I wish this for all. Please recite and read as much as you wish. Love to all.

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