Thank you Rachael Denhollander.

With all of the #metoo and #timesup stories beginning to be uncovered, I am starting to feel like I can breathe.

At first, after reading the Weinstein and Nassar stories, I was just enraged………livid.  I can relate all too well.  Mattie Larson’s story of neglect, emotional abuse, and being dismissed was beyond heartbreaking to me.  I had followed her as a gymnast for years, and I wondered what her story was.  I now know a little bit of it.  No one should have to endure the continued pain that she, and so many have and had to.  I hope all who have suffered thrive like the biggest ray of sunshine that exists.

What these vast stories have given me, as time passes, is hope.  I don’t feel all alone anymore.  I used to be, and still am many times, incredibly angry. “How can so many people in positions of power get away with so much heinous behavior……how can people look away?……do they have no conscience?………are people really that amoral and self serving?………..It’s akin to atrocities such as the Holocaust…to slavery.  How can anyone with a sense of right and wrong condone either?  It’s unfathomable to me….yet these events have occurred, and still occur.  Good can, and will prevail.  Rachael Denhollander is an example of a role model.  She didn’t give up, she persisted, she vowed to seek justice for what is right–even though so many institutions did, and are still trying to cover their misgivings, skirt the truth, silence her, and to revel in their evil.  Rachael gives us hope, and what valor she has!!  I can only imagine how difficult and how draining this has been for her and for her family.

Growing up, I have cried many a night wondering if there is good in the world, wondering if so many evil people would continue to get away with their manipulations, rapes, inappropriate behaviors, silencing, intimidations, and their soul crushing ways.

When I hear people complain that they are tired of hearing about #metoo and #timesup, it makes me sad and mad.  Already?  We have just begun to scratch the surface.  We have suffered for so long.  If we don’t continue speaking out and to fight, then we will slip back into ————well, hell.  I think, ” you need to go back and read and listen to every word of McKayla Maroney’s statement.” The horror she was forced to endure in Tokyo is inexcusable.  Where were the adults who were supposed to protect her?  Where????  She will now most likely have insane trust issues and nightmares with which she will be forced to learn how to cope.  These burdens should have never been placed on her…….never.  So, don’t tell me you are tired of #timesup.  I’ll slap the living daylights out of you with my piercing eyes.  Don’t turn a blind eye because it’s comfortable—–face the reality, feel it, and help!

I stand with all the women who have been abused, molested, raped, silenced, underpaid, threatened, harassed, and emotionally, mentally, and physically abused.  NO MORE.  NO FUCKING MORE.

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