Self respect….

It befuddles me when women think that receiving a stare or a catcall from a man is a compliment.

It’s ludicrous.

Is your self esteem and self worth really that low?

It is easy for men to stare or catcall.

What doesn’t seem to be easy for men is to have self control, act appropriately, to view women as human beings, instead of prey for their own sexual fodder.

I hate it when a man stares, leers, or is inappropriate towards me. I deplore it.

What I respect are men who look me in the eye, try to get to know me, speak to me as an interesting and valuable human being. I don’t respect a man when he looks me up and down, stares, ogles me creepily, is dismissive, and/or when he has no self control.

There are more important things than looks, than attractions, and physical attributes.

Maturity, clarity, self control, respect, compassion, appropriate behavior, education,—-this is what the world needs from both men and women.

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