Boundaries are important


I have a truly difficult time with those who don’t respect or set boundaries.  Boundaries are incredibly important to me.  Having had so many boundaries of my own not respected when I was a child and as young adult, I am super aware of people who don’t have them, set them, or respect them.  I actually clinch up and feel very angry when one tries to overstep a boundary I have set.  Some people are like bulldozers.  They just keep bulldozing in hopes that they break you down to get what they want.  I think most people who don’t have boundaries, and those who don’t respect others’ boundaries are incredibly manipulative, and often times self serving.  I do not like manipulative people.  I just don’t–I don’t trust them at all.  I am very thankful for my brother and for my cousins.  We are all within 3 months-9 years apart.  We grew up observing, listening, responding, and respecting boundaries.  My brother, nor any of my cousins, have ever tried to cross a boundary where I’m concerned—even when my cousins tried certain recreational drugs as teens.  All knew that I didn’t want any part of that experimentation.  I am very anti drug.  None of them ever tried to convince me to try anything, or never asked me to try them, and they never put peer pressure on me.  We all respected and do respect each others’ space and differences.  I am lucky to have them in my life, and am very thankful.  None of them has tried to force their opinions, their personal wants, or their agenda on another.  The older I become, the more I realize how rare this respectful dynamic is.

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