What it’s like being a female, right before puberty, during puberty, and on…let’s start the conversation about the leering culture that begins as girls develop……


I can’t tell you the numerous times I wanted to hide when I was developing, even before I was a teenager.  I developed early….my hips started widening when I was ten or eleven, I started my period in the sixth grade.  From the time my hips started to expand and my breasts started to sprout, I wanted to vanish.  Older men began commenting on how I was becoming a woman when I was ten!!!  I was not becoming a woman!!  I was ten!! One middle aged man told me, creepily (while blatantly looking me up and down), that  he couldn’t wait to watch me blossom.  While developing, and after I developed, men would ogle me, stare me up and down, make lewd comments, etc.  The fact that girls can’t go through puberty as comfortably as possible is a heartbreaking to me.  Puberty is difficult and young girls don’t even fully understand what’s happening.  They most certainly don’t need men making inappropriate comments to them and making them feel uncomfortable.  Men would say I was going to be beautiful and that boys won’t be able to keep their hands off of me.  Creepy.  These men should have been looking me in the eye, asking me how band was, asking me how my classes were going, and talking to me like I was a person—not just leering at me like I was another female who they would fantasize about lustfully.  They should have created a safe place.  Men disgust me many times.  I feel like when they see a pre-pubescent girl, they automatically start fantasizing about how her physicality will bring them pleasure.  It repulses me, disgusts me, makes me want to go in a hole and never emerge.  We need to talk about this culture too.  We need to create a culture where girls can develop and grow and be human and not already feel preyed upon by the time they’re eleven.  It’s sickening.  I don’t care if men are biologically attracted to younger women.  Many men have NO boundaries, and men need to learn to have them and to respect other’s boundaries!!!!  WE women and girls do not exist in this world only for men’s physical and visual pleasure.  We are more than that!  Heck, we can barely be a kid before we begin to feel preyed upon.  THIS inappropriate culture needs to stop, too.  It should never have even begun.

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