Abuse of Power Trigger

Yesterday when I was driving home, a police car was riding my tail.  Even when we were at a stoplight, the police officer would drive his car right up to my bumper, almost touching it.  I kept wondering why he was doing this.  I started to question myself, wondering if I had done something wrong—NO, I hadn’t sped, my inspection was up to date, and I hadn’t run any lights.  The police officer tailed me until I turned off into my home.  There was a part of me that wanted to get out of my car at the stoplight and tap on his window to confront him. I wanted to ask him what his deal was, and why he was crowding me.  But—- he’s a police officer, and I didn’t want to cause a confrontation, or “get in trouble”.  The fact that I even thought those thoughts was unnecessary.  He was crossing a boundary, and shouldn’t have.  This scenario brought up many feelings in the past that I had had where I had questioned myself, when I shouldn’t have.  That police officer was abusing his power, making me feel uncomfortable for no reason, other than that he knew that it was highly probable that he could get away with his intrusive behavior since he was a police officer.  Abuse of power comes in many forms, and recreates many feelings and draws from many memories, and shouldn’t be sugar coated or justified.  It should just be called what it is, ABUSE OF POWER, and it should have ramifications and accountability attached to it—EVERY TIME.

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