Little Time to be Human

So much occurs to all us on a daily basis.  People experience a myriad of emotions throughout the day.  America is an extremely fast paced culture.  Its corporations don’t grant much time off, many schools and companies don’t provide more than a 30 minute lunch. Personally, I feel like I am constantly running around racing the clock in order to do something or to be somewhere on time.  Recently, my Uncle passed away.  My family is all very sad and solemn.  Many family members want to take off work for the Memorial, but many companies don’t allow time off for bereavement if it’s not immediate family (ie, Mom, Dad, child).  My brother works at a company that has good benefits, but you’re not allowed to use a sick or vacation day for a death in the family.  I don’t know how this is legal, but it is.  America has a lot to learn when it comes to allowing its members of society to be human.  We need down time, we need to be able to take time to grieve our relatives, and at least to attend any funerals or memorial services!  Families need time off when a baby is born.  Women shouldn’t have to use their vacation time to take maternity leave.  We need to support the well being of our people.  Well being doesn’t seem to matter to so much in our culture.  So many people are physically unfit, mentally strained and ill, and emotionally drained–not because they want to be—-but because they have to survive.  WE are not machines; we can’t just go and go and go—-and if we do, we suffer dire results and consequences.  I want to the new slogan for America to be “IT’s time to be human again.  We support you being human”.  People need to feel like they can be people and take time to process deaths, take time to heal from births, and take time to take care for themselves.  Sometimes it would be nice if we all could take several weeks to just be, to simply process, to spend time with family, to be with family to grieve, to heal from a sickness—all without fear of losing our jobs, without fear of our benefits being stripped from us.  WE need to be human.  We need time to be human.

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